The Sixes

2017 Shows

January 22nd 4:00 pm Layla's Pub Wisconsin Rapids, WI  
February 2nd 6:00 pm Lift Bridge Brewery Stillwater, MN  
February 11th 7:00 pm Historic Trempealeau Hotel and Bar Trempealeau, WI  
February 25th 8:00 pm Cellar Speakeasy Lounge Baraboo, WI  
March 12th 3:00 pm The Sandbar Chippewa Falls, WI  
March 18th 9:00 pm Sir Benidicts Tavern Duluth, MN  
March 30th 8:00 pm Shank Hall w/ CANDLEBOX Milwaukee, WI  
April 1st 7:00 pm Brewster Bros Chippewa Falls, WI  
April 13th 8:00 pm Rural on Tap Rockford, IL  
April 23rd 7:00 pm Washington Square White Bear Lake, MN  
May 4th 6:00 pm Lift Bridge Brewery Stillwater, MN  
May 6th 4:00 pm Dylan's Dairy (Spring Bash) Cornell, WI  
May 26th 7:00 pm Wehnonah Brewery Goodbiew, MN  
June 8th 5:00 pm Hardacre Park Marshfield, WI  
June 16th 5:00 pm Hei & Low Tap Winona, MN  
June 23rd 8:00 pm The Elbow Room Stevens Point, WI  
July 30th 4:00 pm The Sandbar Chippewa Falls, WI  
August 5th 7:00 pm Historic Trempealeau Hotel & Bar Trempealeau, WI  
August 17th 5:00 pm Hardacre Park Marshfield, WI  
September 3rd 2:00 pm Crow River Winery Hutchinson, MN  


"We play Acoustic music with an edge, bringing a very intimate atmosphere that is also engaging, making you want to sing along and move with the music. Our songs are about life, love, and everything in between. No particular genre defines us. We have soft melodic moments of innocence and moments of intense in your face bluesy rock.”

- Dwayne Thomas

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The Band

Dwayne Thomas

Dwayne Thomas

Guitar & Vocals

I was born in Eau Claire, WI. As a kid, I was quiet and observant, one of the first things I ever learned about this world is the power of music. The way it could change your mood or comfort you. I always used music as an outlet, even at a very young age. I always wanted to be a musician ever since I can remember, it’s a fire that has never stopped burning inside me. As I got older I got myself a guitar and started writing songs and playing in bands with friends. From there I let time work itself. While playing music isn’t the most glamorous lifestyle I wouldn't trade these adventures for anything, without it a part of me is lost. I have always been a dreamer, You have one life, so why not do the things you love. I hope to give back to the music and send a positive message to this world.

“May rock n’ roll be in your souls”

                                                              - Dwayne Thomas

Gordon Altizer

Gordon Altizer

Guitar & Cajon

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, years later we move to Hayward where I spent my high school days skateboarding and playing music. I've always been drawn to the guitar, I confided in it. After Hayward I moved to Eau Claire and have continually pursued my dreams of playing music. I still spend most of my free time teaching myself different techniques and styles on the guitar. I've also have a blast banging on the Cajon! My message to the world is live for the nice times!


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